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So what better way is there to look back on the year in movies—its blockbusters, bombs, and breakouts—than through this looping web essential?Looking back on the movies of 2012 there's plenty to rave about, from powerful performances, to daring directors, and scintillating screenplays.It's not the same thing as a debut, to be sure; a breakthrough is what happens when somebody has been around for a while, maybe even moderately successful, but then suddenly goes supernova 2012 was a really, really hard year to sum up in list form, and a top 20 would really be more appropriate to reflect the astonishing variety of blockbusters, out-of-nowhere successes and totally tiny arthouse stuff that grabbed me this year.A lot of these movies snuck up on me, only revealing their brilliance long after I'd written a review or thought I'd forgotten about it.We've all had the experience of reading a critic's year-end Top 10 less and slapping our heads, remembering that we heard great things about that one movie but never caught it.Or if you live in a small town, you're constantly frustrated that the movies critics are going crazy for never play anywhere near you , and many other influential, revolutionary, unforgettable movies, it’s a year that will always be remembered as a landmark in pop culture history.What is interesting is how Roland Emmerich wants to create a sequel to , with a giant ring that creates a portal to another world.The show was able to take the story to the next level in saying that the stargate is just one of many as it is revealed that the stargates are part of mass transit/network.

Some of them you’ll probably agree with, and some of them will probably make you laugh and doubt my credibility.These are the titles we see in theaters and leave saying, “Man, I wish that was better.” Though the GIF is now 25 years old, the raw animation format is having a moment in 2012.This internet sensation has been the source of countless memes as well as a way to succinctly capture our favorite pulp culture moments, and express oh-so-many feelings.And undoubtedly, the movies of 2012 were overflowing with massive moustaches, billowing beards and even some eye-catching eyebrows.So, we've picked some of the boldest facial hair statements for a very special top ten list.

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