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While a designer needs to know the rated performance to calculate system efficiency, BEST goes further by using the performance at actual operating temperatures (73 DB/61 WB) to develop an overall system efficiency, thereby more closely mirroring actual building operation.

Simply enter the square footage of the building, the number of stories, and the nearest city for local weather data, and then chose up to four types of HVAC systems to compare — from more than 30 pre-loaded systems.

The BEST was created to better inform prospective builders, consulting engineers, and design-build professionals about their selection options for HVAC systems during the early design process, and to make it free, fast, and easy to understand.Take the inspiration and enjoy the taste of a great tale.A diverse group of commercial manufacturers from the United States, Mexico, and Canada — supported by IAPMO and members of the Hydronics Industry Alliance, a Committee of the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) — has taken on the challenge of delivering a total commercial building HVAC system efficiency comparison tool that is now available online at no charge.It missed the mark on so many levels: That there are actual people are pissed off and protesting and some dumb can of soda isn’t going to solve that. It’s where, on an individual level, our raw humanity shines. Now if they could only bring back the stubbie bottles, *maybe* we’ll finally have the peace the world deserves. Opening your mind to new ideas, new paradigms of thought. That’s why this Heineken commercial is so perfect — Yeah, we all see the world through different lens.

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