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The app calls itself "The world's largest app for meeting new people" — and with millions of people from across the globe, connecting with others for romance or friendship is possible wherever you are.Sample review: Douletakejake So, after using this app for about a month and a half- I'd definitely refer it to any individual who is looking for a nice conversation.Sample review: Donald Arteaga Limited community but has great potential!As I said in the title this is a fairly new app so don't expect a lot of people on it yet time find.Sample review: Beasia2020This site is new to me but so far I find it easy to use. Known for their compatibility ratings, the free dating site's mobile app, which has a Tinder-like function called "Quick Match", says they'll "multiply your odds of finding a date by, like, 1000000%." And for the majority of 85K consumers rating the app, this may be true.I've been getting a lot of responses but the men aren't following through with continuing the conversations. Sample review: Kanna_01: Let me just say I'm not a fan of Internet dating because I come from a different era however, this app surprised me because I met some really nice down- to-earth men on here.After working on several articles about singles' dating app preferences for hookups, dating, relationships, or even just enjoyable ones to use, I've quickly realized finding people who are actually happy with a dating app can be like pulling teeth.Luckily, Applause, an app quality company, just saved you a ton of time, precious cellular data, and exhausted thumbs.

And, you'll definitely notice some major players (ahem, Tinder? (Yes, there are a lot more than 97 dating apps available for you to download if you can believe it! dating apps fall behind other apps in quality by 23 points, which makes sense because I'd assume most people wouldn't rate a dating app highly where they're not finding dates, hookups, love, or whatever they're looking for easily — even if they use it multiple times a day and have been on it for years. A lot of these are really social networks where you can chat with people from all over the world, which is certainly a far cry from the popular swipe right/left geo-located dating apps that keep popping up.Sample review: Kevin Dinham Here's another one that's not specifically for dating: With over 298 million users, this app says it's "great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating!" They have a game called "Encounters", which matches you with other users.Granted the guys can be very inappropriate at times and some of the women seem to be super shallow- and don't even get me started on all the fake accounts and cat fishing...None the less, there are a few people on this app that are gems.

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