Christians kissing while dating

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" "I was better off single, I hate the old man I'm married to." I think you need to decide how far too far is and then never go past that point (if you think kissing is getting pretty boarder line you are probably right) I think we should control our physical contact more because once you touch your lips together, there is a rapid progression into the areas of intamacy which should be left to marriage. I strongly disagree, you can do a whole lot of sinning with all your clothes on.

And let's not "draw lines", once a person makes a boundary it becomes the temptation to cross. Do you really mean that a husband should not desire his wife, or have sexual feeling for her?

These must be avoided as much as possible with the Lord's help. Kissing should be out of the question there is no need to have that sort of contact before marriage.

Even a kiss closed mouthed gives place to taking things a little further. Sure as the sun following rain even if it's not immediately afterward the temptation become greater and kissing can lead to some couples committing sin.

It creates a physical bond that clouds our judgment.

There's quite enough emotion in spending time with one who lights your fire, very meaningful and precious.

The apostle Paul says that it is "better to marry than to burn with passion" (1 Corinthians 7:9).Christians who are courting before marriage, please be warned: kissing is like a master key that unlocks a strong door, once done, it's done, and your innocense is robbed. But if your standard is not expression of love whatsoever then that is your own principle, and not those of others.If you are a christian contemplating marriage, do not settle in for a lustful compromise of patting, caressing, clandestining in bodily contact (or perhaps kissing). You know what it is Eloy it's is just that but then I get so tired of people okaying even the most sincere tiny winy bit of contact even suggest a relationship as long as parents are in the home and then my friends telling me several month later, Guess what? Some believe in no touching, no holdiung hands, and no kissing on the cheek, but others accept all of these and do so sacredly.Fast girls are a turn off to me, for I think couples should at least get to know each other's names before running around all the bases. I think it should be noted that the idea of Christian "courtship", as we know it today, was first championed by the cultic leaders and movements that sprang up in the 60s and 70s, and is the method of choice for finding a mate in every spiritually abusive and cultic movement.If we go into something feeling doomed to fail, we'll probably fail.

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