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Scientists plan to study the tail to learn more about the evolution of red giants as well as how such tails form in the first place.

The discovery came a surprise as such a phenomena had not been predicted before.

Next week the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Lab Corp versus Metabolite, an interesting case that visits the patent controversy in the United States. 7, ‘List the house.’ It means nobody can write a dinosaur story because my patent includes 257 items covering all aspects of behavior, like item No.

Digg Description: “It means that if a real estate agent lists a house for sale, he can be sued because an existing patent for selling houses includes item No.

The red giant member of the binary, Mira A, appears to be ejecting material as it hurtles through the galaxy at 130 kilometers per second (291,000 miles per hour).

The tail visible today stretches nearly 13 light years long, representing an estimated 30,000 years of history.

Fan fiction and original fiction series are also increasing in number (as well as in quality) with Mighty Moshin’ Emo Rangers debuting today and Venus Rises coming soon, joining existing series like Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (completing its sixth season soon,) Star Trek New Voyages, The Scene, Red vs Blue, Stone Trek, and Ninjai: The Little Ninja.

They are free to record anything that you do there.My sad public admission this week: I’m not very well read.I have read a lot of books, but most of them have been science fiction, fantasy, horror, and nonfiction about technology and the planets.After last week’s midterms, I have been able to relax.My schedule this week has emphasized light reading and light writing.

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