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I cannot possibly be transitioning because of my autogynephilia, because if I were an autogynephile I would be like “wow, I fetishize having the body parts I was born with, this is incredibly convenient! What I hope to show is that even if you assume that Heartiste is totally right about his practical advice– if you should neg, qualify, do takeaways, send women ‘gay’ as a response to their text messages, and all the rest– his conclusions about how the dating marketplace works simply do not follow.

In addition, I do actually think that sex differences exist.

As for the “I don’t want my daughter doing menial work because she is too smart to waste her time that way” mother — well, ick.

Way to teach her kid humility and appreciation for hard work.

There are also omega males, who are undesirable to women for any purpose. I am Heartiste, and I don’t actually want to go to all the bother of reading this whole post, I just want to know what your characteristics are so I can direct ad hominem attacks at you properly. I am 5’9″ and my weight fluctuates between 120 and 126 pounds. I live with my primary partner Scott; I am also dating Esther, who when asked to describe herself for this essay called herself a “sad weird fat girl with incredible boobs”.

I worked summers throughout high school and college, and I had plenty of fun — probably too much, in fact.

High school and college students who want to have fun are going to have it, job or no job, believe me.

I’m a huge believer that people should get lots and lots of work experience in college, and ideally some in high school too, for exactly the reasons you say: There’s real value in learning how to operate within an employment context, how to get along with managers and coworkers, how to advocate for yourself, what professional behavior is, and what is and isn’t reasonable to expect at work.

And there’s value in simply learning how to get into the routine and rhythms of working, and building whatever mental muscle it is that makes you get up and go to work even when you’d rather stay home that day.

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