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DSF is a branch of Scottish Disability Sport with a charity registration number of (SC 020994) Disability Sport Fife and parent body Scottish Disability Sport organise a series of workshops / courses in Fife throughout the year in addition to those provided by Active Fife and SDS nationally. Within this section you’ll find links to download the most recent results from competitions and events.

Key Funding and Support Partners DSF has many key funding partners whose support has been critical to our success.We recognises that four factors influence inclusion and shape content and delivery - ability activity impairment and setting DSF also recognises the four activity options which are the foundations of the SIM.Open activity based on what everybody can do and does not include any modification Modified activity everyone engaged in the same activity with modifications that offer challenge and support for participants of all levels of ability.His first milestone was to gain selection for the GB Paralympic Squad and this he successfully achieved in 2013.A 2014 target includes challenging for a place in Team GB for the World Championships in Beijing in August.

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