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Because of this you will need to open the form in either Acrobat X or Reader X (version 10.1 or later).This page only has one object with script in a layout:ready event.Problems can arrise when you use the layout:ready event in several objects, particularly objects that are set to repeat.Take the example above where you include a Page x of y on the Master Page.Even though there is no change in the page number itself, the form has changed and the layout:ready event fires automatically.In the above example, the performance hit will not be a worry, as there is only one object with script in the layout:ready event and the form is unlikely to grow to multiple pages.I'm trying to implement a customization in Share Point 2010 so that when a document is uploaded to a library, the file name is changed to include the Document ID in the name.(I know that people shouldn't worry about file names as much any more, but we have a lot of legacy files already named and users who like to have local copies). When I try to add the file using Web DAV in the Explorer View, I get two copies of the file.

First off this example includes a Flash Field object (to visually indicate when the layout:ready event is firing).What you will see is that every time you interact with a field (type in data, click a button, check/uncheck the checkbox), the layout:ready event will fire once.In this example however, there are five objects with script in the layout:ready event. For example the row index in the table and the date and page numbers in the Master Page.2) Do everything with the SPD workflow - changing the title like in this example should be no problem.shows how events fire and their sequence as a user interacted with your form.

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