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Now, Piano Lau is running out of money as she spend a lot of cash on fashion, music, movies and endless party nights in the the countless discos and urban after hour clubs of Bangkok.

Well, she knows this other girl named Cookie, who is making a lot of cash as a model.

But to be honest, I think she might not be as sweet as she looks.

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Her Asian vagina is partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upwards, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair - just adorable!Yes, sure you have all those Chinese-American sluts from California and New York, but they are shaven and rude.Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on.But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy would be my first choice of recommendation.The only problem: Chinese nudes are very hard to find.

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