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Croxon co-founded the dating website Lavalife and joined the cast of CBC's Dragons' Den from 2011-2013.

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Read more: A second chance at love through online dating For instance, I exchanged several long emails with the Furniture Restorer. He took a king can of beer out of his knapsack and chugged it there on the street. But those dates don’t even come close to what I call the “Elaine Date.” If you watched , you may remember an episode where Elaine tells Jerry that her date “took it out.” Yup. The Runner Up for awful/bizarre dates was when I went for lunch with the X-Ray Technician. I had one profile that was rather long-winded and very detailed about my values, my political leanings and about what I was looking for.

Framed photos of their son, Harry, 9, and daughter, Bridget, 7, are on the wall. “What I remember about our first date,” says Brian, “is that we talked about baby names.”They hugged at Allison’s front door and vowed to get together again soon.

Outside the sliding glass door of their Bracebridge home is a backyard with hot tub, hammock, tree fort, archery set, trampoline and zip line — trappings of a full, happy family life.“When you think about it all, it’s funny, eh? Allison went in and called her girlfriend, saying, “I’m totally going to marry that guy.”That was early March 2005. From the relationship’s start, they’d talked about marriage, then pregnancy spurred them on.

Partner, chairman and CEO, Croxon helped lead the company’s growth, achieving revenue of just under 0 million with over two million users.

In 2004, Croxon led the sale of the company for 2.5 million USD to Member Works Inc.

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