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I can light a candle, put on calming music, my fav eye mask and this full face mask and *must* lay down. Third- The quality of the mask is worth the (very expensive) price.The actual mask itself is cut properly so yo can see out the eyeholes and also move it around so it properly covers your nose, the areas around your mouth and your chin and cheeks. YESI am almost 36 years old, and even if I may look younger than I am, the past few month I have seen my skin is not as "bright" as it should.It helped my dryness as well as giving me a more youthful look. So far, I've used two from the pack of six and I find myself trying to space them out because they're so luxurious and I don't want to waste them but they make my skin feel so nice that I want to use them every night!I take showers at night so I like to get out of the shower when my face is nice and clean, put on the mask and then leave it on for about 15 min while I brush my teeth and get all ready for bed.I normally have very skin so I decided to give this product a try.The next day I could tell my skin felt softer and the skin tone was more even. I saw on you tube you can re-use the mask and I will definitely give it a try due to the higher price point of this brand.This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments.We do not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor endorses any opinions expressed within this section. I usually put one on after exfoliating while I clean the house etc. Second- this mask is truly beautiful for two reasons- one, I love the fact that it makes me slow down by being an actual sheet mask that one puts on one's face...

With the extra liquid from the mask's pouch you can rub it down your neck to give your entire face/neck that wonderful soft, glowing feeling and look.

Why go to the spa when you can be pampered at home? Normally my face is dry in certain areas, brown spots but after a day in the sun at the beach my skin was dry & very tight.

I used this product & it made my face feel Soo good!

The product has reduce the small wrinkles I used to have under my eyes. It was difficult to put on at first since mine kept sliding off my face, but the longer it was on the better it stayed.

OH oh, I almost forgot, I added a picture, yes, yes I know, I look like a mommy from the movie, but hey, I just wanted you to notice the moisture on the mask, the huge quantity of product you are getting in each mask you put on, i think that’s one of the keys for its effectiveness, other than the ingredients it has of course. There was definitely enough left on my skin after to continue to massage into my face and neck area which was a nice bonus.

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