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Blake Shelton: country singer, judge, boyfriend of Gwen Stefani, and frequent purveyor of weird gay panic, misogyny, and Islamophobia.

rip every sexy man in the world who died in the great sexy plague of 2017 overnight; u will be missed— I do not recall (@morninggloria) November 15, 2017 If Blake Shelton is voted #Sexiest Man Alive then Ray Black Jr. As such, each year’s choice invites a wave of alternate opinions, and 2017 is no exception, with social media users being quick to point out other, sexier alternatives to Shelton: The same people who voted in People’s sexiest alive man list are the same folks who tampered w/ the presidential elections There’s no way Blake Shelton is the sexiest man w/ Trevante Rhodes still breathing.

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The restaurant and bar are open seven days a week, with a resident DJ from Wednesday through Saturday.

He also used the stage at the Country Music Awards for an awkward gay joke about Jake Gyllenhaal because he starred in , and has repeatedly referenced gay panic and jokes about finding lesbians hot on his Twitter account.

In the past, he’s made toxic jokes about women, including noting, in 2010, a “sick fantasy” about then-16-year-old Dakota Fanning, and has repeatedly made Islamophobic and xenophobic jokes about non-English-language speakers and foreigners around him.

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— and exciting wedding news, but it's time we shed some light on that fierce crop of famous ladies who have been flying solo and living the sexy single KJp4— Corey Townsend (@Jarrie Bradshaw) November 15, 2017 sexiest men of the year were, but a general consensus seemed to form around the triad of perennially overlooked frontrunner Idris Elba, upcoming Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, and the usual gaggle of white guys named Chris: Forget the fact that Idris Elba should’ve obviously won.I can even think of like 5 white guys named Chris who are more deserving of the Sexiest Man Alive title than Blake Shelton.— Brohibition Now (@Oh No She Twitnt) November 15, 2017 But despite the jokes, there’s plenty of reason beyond the subjective nature of sexiness to be critical of People’s decision — namely because Shelton has been flagrantly and repeatedly homophobic in the past, once “joking” in a 2011 tweet that he would leave any gay man who tried to touch him beaten and bloody.Gathering from what we see in movies, on TV and in the pages of prestigious magazines, sexy celebrities are flawless creatures.With the help of their A-list nutritionists and unlimited access to the best trainers in the world, these starlets typically resemble what we assume angels might look like.

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