Novum testamentum graece online dating

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It would be interesting to do a study of how the IFB came to the conclusion that the KJV is the closest translation to the original.

Like other IFB teachings, I was always troubled by the fact that I had a difficult time reading and understanding the KJV.

When I left the IFB around age 25 I found out some valuable information that flies in the face of the IFB and their KJV only stance.

Personal experience became the fuel that burned the fire within me.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us know how silly the notion is that the KJV is THE original Word of God so for the purposes of this site I would like to share a little insight into the KJV, why it is a dangerous version to use and how it relates to the IFB.

The IFB churches I experienced fell on the more conservative side of the above mentioned continuum.

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