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In April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for a billion dollars. On Pinterest, you have a virtual pinboard, where you can create, manage and share image collections that are related to a particular topic – hobbies, interests, household, etc.

It is a micro-publishing system, which allows you to compose short messages of 140 characters that are known as “Tweets.” To create your own Twitter community – you can ‘follow’ someone in order to receive their Tweets in your news feed or you can be ‘followed’ by others and they will receive your Tweets.You Tube is a video-sharing website where you can view, share, upload, comment on, like or dislike videos.The majority of the content that is uploaded to You Tube originates from individual persons.You also have the option of reading status updates of others even if they are not one of your friends.Instagram is also a relatively new social networks – launched in October 2010.

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