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Speigel, 23, talked with The Associated Press about his app, and his plans for the company’s future.The interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.However, many parents don’t realize that sexting is not just pictures anymore.As video chatting has become more accessible, more teens and even tweens are using this medium for age-inappropriate communication with horrific consequences.She said her three favorite apps of the world that everyone was using at her high school were Angry Birds, Instagram and Snapchat.And (Liew and Eggers) had never heard of Snapchat, so they were like we’ve got to find those guys. I ended up meeting with him and showed him some of the early data we had.Q: So what’s the pressure on you now, now that you’ve had these investments? A: Going forward there are lots of different revenue models.

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A: This guy named Jeremy Liew, who works at Lightspeed Ventures, one of his partners, Barry Eggers had a daughter who was using Snapchat.And it just got too expensive, so the timing was awesome. My dad didn’t want to pay for disappearing photos any more. And we’re fine in how we described the service over time. And so we started looking at some of the other applications in the space that were doing disappearing texts, photo, video.Now, the growth of the service shows that it’s about a lot more. And they really had a hard time because there was a lot of stigma around deleting things.

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