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In 1999, the company finally agreed to contribute to a fund that compensated former forced labourers.Whole Joy Home Page Site Map Transmute Alchemy Super Foods Breatharian Diet Breatharianism, Why?One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy.However, when sexual energy is lost in the process of reproductive activity, the spiritual life suffers.And humankind has ever since paid the terrible price of their "sin" by continuing with the sex act in the same old manner.

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Isn't it far better to always be "coming" than going anyway?The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana.The transmutation of sex into inner peace, bliss, joy and love is the wonderful end result.Building Ojas Guidelines for LOL Monoatomic Elements Nature's Conspiracy Pranic Healing Pranic Principle Prana Diet Second Chakra Sexual Wholeness Science of Wholeness - 1 Science of Wholeness - 2 Transmutation of Sex Transmuting Sex The benefits of celibacy (sexual abstinence) are obviously not widely understood nor fully appreciated.With all the erotic opportunities, sensual photos, sex oriented e-mails, and other media of the sort flashing over the internet, there seems to be a universal obsession with trying to use up as much sexual energy as soon as possible and as often as possible.

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