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Das App zeigt auch das komplette Gastgeberverzeichnis mit allen Kontaktdaten und ermöglicht schon bei der Planung ein grenzenloses Urlaubsvergnügen.Highlight der zusätzlichen Anwendung ist der „Gipfelfinder".Zudem gibt es drei Klettersteige an der Lachenspitze, Rote Flüh und Köllenspitze.Alle Sehenswürdigkeiten, Freizeitaktivitäten und Einkehrmöglichkeiten des Tiroler Hochtals sind für Sommer und Winter detailliert und benutzerfreundlich beschrieben.Die kostenlose App kann im Google Play-Store oder im Apple Store heruntergeladen werden.ISSN 0424-7116 Edited by the German Quaternary Association Editor-in-Chief: Holger Freund Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart Quaternary Science Journal Vienna ; GLACIATIONS AND PERIGLACIAL FEATURES IN CENTRAL EUROPE SPECIAL ISSUE FOR THE XVIII INQUA CONGRESS IN BERN, SWITZERLAND GUEST EDITORS Margot Bose (DEUQUA - German Quaternary Association] Markus Fiebig [AGAQ - Working Group on the Quaternary of the Alpine Foreland] Ej GEOZON Eiszeita Iter und Gegenwart Quaternary Science Journal Volume 60 /Number 2-3 / 2011/ DO 1: 10. 2-3 /ISSN 0424-7116 / Founded in 1951 EDITOR DEUQUA Deutsche Quartarvereinigung e. Office Stilleweg 2 D-30B55 Hannover Germany Tel: 49 [0]511-643 36 13 E-Mail: info [at] EDITOR SABINE HELMS, Greifswald [Germany] Geozon Science Media Postfach 3245 D-17462 Greifswald Germany Tel. (2003): A methology to recon- struct small and short-lived ice-dammed lakes in the Appalachians of Southern Quebec. - 76 S.; unpublished diploma thesis; University of Han- nover. Six boulders were sampled on the maximum moraine ridge, whereas only two suitable boulders could be sam- pled on the first readvance and/or recessional moraine ridge.Dort locken Touren für erfahrene Alpinisten wie etwa der Aufstieg zum 2.249 Meter hohen Gaishorn, dem höchsten Berg im Tannheimer Tal, oder Gipfeltouren auf die 2.111 Meter hohe Rote Flüh und den 2.176 Meter hohen Gimpel.

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JOURNAL EXCHANGE If you are interested in exchange yourjournal with the Quaternary Science Journal, please contact: Universitatsbibliothek Halle Tauschstelle, Frau Winther August-Bebel-Stral Se 13 D-DB10B Halle [Saale] , Germany Tel. - 58 S.; unpublished diploma thesis; University of Hannover. The other moraine boulders show an overlapping age distribution. The boulder shows chipmarks on its west side, however, not on the surface.

19(0)315-55 22 183 E-Mail: tausch [at] bibliothek.REORDER Reorders are possible at the publishing house. (1995): Sustained high-density turbidity currents and the deposition of thick massive sands. The oldest ages were obtained by boulder AVS- 03-01 (18.0±1.9 ka) on the crest of the outer moraine ridge of the former Isar-Loisach glacier and by boulder AVS-03-03 (17.9±1.9 ka) on the crest of the inner moraine ridge (Fig. Boulder AVC-04-01 (16.4±1.8 ka) was sampled from gla- cial deposits of the late Wurmian Inn glacier because it is the largest boulder found in the study area (Fig. It is located on glacial deposits of the downwasting Inn glacier at the edge of the central Rosen- heimer Becken, on a wide, not morphologically obvious rampart above the basin.

19(0)3831-8010 80 E-Mail: info [at] Printed in Germany on 100% recycled paper climate neutral produced COVER FIGURE Markus Fiebig [AGAQ], The Alpine ice cap redrawn after Ehlers, J. [2001]* RIGHTS Copyright for articles by the authors LICENSE Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 3. Org/licenses/by/3.0/ Quaternary Glaciations Extent and Chronology Part I: Europe. However, the distribution of boulder ages does not show a chronological order with respect to their location in the sense that ages are younger on the inner moraines (Fig. The boulder situated on sedi- ments of the downwasting Inn glacier yield an exposure age that is indistinguishable from ages determined on the terminal moraines of the Isar-Loisach glacier.

Development in Quaternary Science 2, Elsevier [Amsterdam] E&G Quaternary Science Journal Volume 60/ Number 2-3 / 2011 / 211 / DOI 10.3285/eg.60.2-3.00 SCIENCE MEDIA ISSN 0424-7116 Foreword Hosting the XVIII INQUA Congress in Bern, Switzerland, is a great event and an honour for the Quaternary scientif- ic community in Europe. (ed.): Das Quartar Deutschlands: 59-94; Berlin (Gebr. The timing of the maximum Wurmian glacial extent in the Eastern Alps is bracketed by a few numerical ages from different locations throughout the Eastern Alpine that sug- gest a similar timing of the ice advance and deglaciation in the area (e.g. No nu- merical age has yet been derived from glacial deposits of the Isar-Loisach glacier.

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