The adulterous woman camus

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Suddenly I was bothered by the title when I reached the climax of the story.

I had expected that the story would center around the scenes that a woman would commit a “crime”, getting into an amorous affair, that she would rat out on her faithful husband in an abject misery, that there would be a passion-of-crime scene. All my dictionary references are in accord with the definition of adultery as a sexual affair between a married person with someone who is not his/ her spouse.

And there was an instance that she was even engulfed by a group of men when she decided to air out in the middle of the night, leaving her husband asleep.

Therefore, Janine did not have sex with any men, but she had the idea of doing so.

In them, an ageing labourer, a woman travelling in North Africa with her husband, and a schoolteacher tasked with transporting a prisoner each face their own moral crises.

This book contains The Adulterous Woman, The Silent Men and The Guest.

Her whole belly pressed against the parapet as she strained toward the moving sky; she was merely waiting for her fluttering heart to calm down and establish silence within her.

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These three powerful and evocative stories are heavy with the weight of the human condition, and rich with atmosphere.

She realized then that despite her mid-life-look age, she is still physically attractive.

However, it occurred to her that the man was not interested in her after all upon meeting him in the market; the man just ignored her.

Before her the stars were falling one by one and being snuffed out among the stones of the desert, and each time Janine opened a little more to the night.

Breathing deeply, she forgot the cold, the dead weight of others, the craziness or stuffiness of life, the long anguish of living and dying.

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