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Technologically sophisticated nations like Canada depend on the patent system for scientific advancement and economic strength.By giving inventors monopolies on their creations for a specific time period, patents protect investments and allow inventors to profit financially from their creativity.

If you believe that this is a concern with your invention, you should discuss it with a patent agent.

In Canada, patents are granted to the first inventor to file an application, so it is smart to file as soon as possible after you complete your invention in case someone else is on a similar track.

Even if you can prove that you were the first to think of the invention, you lose the race if a competing inventor files before you do.

Again, it is very important not to advertise or disclose information about your invention before you are ready to file for a patent.

Public disclosure of your invention before filing for a patent may make it impossible to obtain a valid patent and jeopardize the possibility of you receiving similar rights in other countries.

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