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As he is on a paved road from which his garden is in view, much of his market comes to his front door. The runs are made attractive to the hens by leaving the second growth oak and palmetto for shade and protection against hawks. Pickett cites that in March he got 2,700 eggs from 120 hens, now fourteen months old, and have been laying all winter, and which promise to do better this month. Hill, former Hoosiers who have lived here several years, recently built an 80-foot poultry house and 20-foot breeding house at their home place, about a half-mile west of the Denham station, and are starting in the fryer business. Zimmerman, general manager for Fugazzi Brothers of Tampa and Clearwater, is the owner of the Camp Lake Farm, distinguished by its Dutch windmill house. The above, we understand, are the leading poultry raisers in the Denham-Myrtle section, and a visit to their plants is sufficient to show that this popular branch of husbandry is well suited here alone, or with citrus growing or trucking.

Everyone there claims that when there is a cold snap the temperature is several degrees warmer there than in the surrounding country.The soil is adapted to the growing of oranges and grapefruit, and considerable of it here and there is ideal for trucking.It is strictly a country community with Lutz, across the county line, its nearest town and postoffice.Hernando County school board records from 1877-78 show that a school existed at Pleasant Plains. Umanoff, president of the Lee-Nest Construction Company, Jacob Wielenken, president of the Tappscott Construction Company, and Adolph Herzog, all of Jamaica, N. Property purchased by the New York men lies on both sides of State Road 5 and Highland Road No. It includes a portion of the shores of Lake Padgett, said to be one of the prettiest deep cypress lakes in Florida. In 1949 the church changed its name to Land O’ Lakes Baptist Church. According to Mac Manus, “When the one-room school at Myrtle got too crowded, a decision was made to build a larger, two-room structure to be named Myrtle-Denham School. It functioned until 1948 when its students were transferred to the newly opened Sanders Memorial School in Land O’ Lakes.The school may have been in existence earlier; school records before that time were lost in a fire. In 1898 a post office was established at Shingleton. It is served by the Tampa Northern railroad, which company, it is said, has agreed to erect a new station in keeping with the development. Lowndes, spokesman for the purchasers, a modern town, high class in every respect, will spring up upon the shores of Lake Padgett. He announced yesterday afternoon that the name of the town would probably be changed from that of Denham to one more appropriate; that a hotel and club house, together with 100 dwellings would be among the first of the operations. Then in October 1959 the current name of First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes was chosen. Material from an old Ehren school building was used to construct the church, which later became a TV repair shop. Mike Riegler, a school district trustee at the time, donated five acres for the school. The old school became a residence, then was torn down in 1997.” During World War II a tourist attraction known as Dupree Gardens was in operation. It was built to replace smaller, wooden schools at Myrtle, Denham, Tucker, and Drexel.

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