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Until the end of the freeze, WDTV's only competition came in the form of distant signals from stations in Johnstown, Altoona, Wheeling, West Virginia and Youngstown, Ohio.

However, Pittsburgh saw two UHF stations launch during 1953 -- ABC affiliate WENS-TV (channel 16, later to become WQEX), and WKJF-TV (channel 53, later to become WPGH-TV), an independent.

After launching WBZ-TV in Boston in 1948 and purchasing two other TV stations, Westinghouse was growing impatient with not having a station in its own home market.

Westinghouse later offered a compromise plan to the FCC, in which the Commission would grant Westinghouse the channel 13 license; Westinghouse would then "share" the facility with the educational licensee.

While the sale gave Du Mont a short-term cash infusion, it eliminated Du Mont's leverage in getting clearances in other major markets. After the sale closed in January 1955, Westinghouse changed WDTV's call letters to KDKA-TV, sistering it to Westinghouse's pioneering radio station KDKA (1020 AM; and later to 92.9 FM, now WLTJ).

As such, it became one of the few stations east of the Mississippi with a "K" call sign.

It would be another two years before the West Coast received live programming, but this was the beginning of the modern era of network television.

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WDTV was one of the last stations to be granted a construction permit before the Federal Communications Commission imposed what turned out to be a four-year freeze on new licenses.

A few years earlier, the FCC had ruled that Paramount controlled Du Mont and there were still lingering questions about whether UPT had actually broken off from Paramount. Westinghouse then turned its attention to WDTV, offering Du Mont a then-record million for the station in late 1954.

Desperate for cash, Du Mont promptly accepted Westinghouse's offer.

KDKA-TV, channel 2, is an owned and operated television station of the CBS Television Network, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

KDKA-TV broadcasts from a transmitter located in the Perry North neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and its studios are located in downtown Pittsburgh at Gateway Center.

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